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European Board for Veterinary Specialisation

A Co-ordinating Committee for Veterinary Specialisation was initially to be set up by the ACVT, but this was abandoned in view of the subsidiarity principle of the Maastricht Treaty (1992). Instead, a European Board of Veterinary Specialisation (EBVS) was established with help from the EAVS. Members of the EBVS are representatives from the recognised colleges. Each college has to appoint one representative and one alternative representative. Observers from ABVS, EAEVE and FVE are invited to the AGM. The EBVS has an Executive Committee with five members to carry out descisions made by the board during the AGMs. The EBVS annual meeting is held once a year in spring.

The main objectives and duties of the EBVS are:

  • To recognise new speciality Colleges
  • Set up and maintain a register of European veterinary specialists
  • Assure the quality of these specialists by monitoring the Colleges.
  • Encourage and promote the enhanced utilisation and availability of speciality services to the public and the veterinary profession

Current members of the Executive Committee (2013-2014) of the EBVS are:

President - Stephen May

Vice President - Dominiek Maes

Treasurer - Mona Aleksandersen

Secretary - Linda Horspool

Past President - Peter O'Brien


The EBVS is registered by the Chamber of Commerce in Utrecht, the Netherlands as a non-profit organisation.

Please click here if you wish to read more about the history of the EBVS.

Please click here, if you are interested in statistics showing the growth of veterinary speciailisation in Europe.

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Policies and procedures

The EBVS has developed detailed guidelines for the recognition of Colleges. Click here to view the policies and procedures of the EBVS.

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Use of the EBVS Logo

The EBVS has two registered logos:

EBVS Logo EBVS Logo (with lines)
(in low resolution) (in low resolution)


The purpose of the EBVS logo is to increase the identity of European veterinary specialists towards veterinarians, institutions, and animal owners.

The logo has been officially registered by the EBVS. This means that the EBVS is the owner of this logo and that permission to use this logo has to be asked of the EBVS.

The use of this logo is only allowed to diplomates which are registered in the EBVS register as fully active specialists.

The conditions for use of the logo, the control of, and the possible sanctions for misuse are written down in the regulations. Please make sure that you read the contents of these regulations in detail.

Please return the request form to the secretary of the EBVS (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). She will send the logo to you by email.

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